What about our technological future?


After watching TEDxKC video with Michael Wesch it got me thinking about how our society views education. It is the job of a teacher to provide students with knowledge. Throughout our society the idea of education is to cram many students into a room and teach them as much about everything as we can. I really liked how Wesch discusses teaching students to be knowledge-able vs. knowledgeable. Having the ability to access knowledge in the twenty first century is essential for students to succeed. With the technology today we are so easily able to “connect, organize, collaborate and publish.” Student need to know how to access and use this technology to access the wealth of knowledge that is literally at their fingertips.

If we look at the trends in our society it is moving more and more toward electronics and communicating with others through the devices in our world. It has completely changed so many aspects of our lives. For example, even applying for many jobs is done online or resumes are emailed or even the dating world has embraced the internet. It has affected schools. The quote Wesch gives is “media mediates relationships” is so incredibly true on so many levels. In the professional world people are communicating using this technology but, even in our personal world many people are having family suppers with cell phones sitting next to their plates. Some argue this is rude? Others say that people are obsessed with being “connected”. Is all this technology pushing our education systems in the right direction? What will our world look when this is the norm for not just “1st world” countries? I ask all the questions but my response is our world is growing new technologies everyday. Whether we like it or not this is OUR FUTURE!

With this in mind I would like to ask how many of you are embracing the future technological age? Are we teaching ourselves and others to be knowledge-able? What is the best way to learn about all these new technological opportunities available?


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