Twitter in the Classroom

One of the best things about my job is that I get to go visit other teachers classrooms and participate in their learning environments. On a regularly scheduled day I get to go to Mr. Polsfut’s grade 6/7 class. I have known for a while that Mr. Polsfut has set up a class twitter account that they use for a variety of different activities. Today I had the pleasure of watching the class use the Twitter account to connect with an author of a book they were reading in literacy class. With a quick google search to find the authors Twitter info the class was able to tweet some questions they had about the book. This was a really cool thing to experience. I never would have thought to use Twitter like this. It allows the students to explore the book on a different level. I hope the author response to them and an authentic conversation can take place. I look forward to going back tomorrow and seeing what has come of this exchange using Twitter. Thanks so much @myteamkitchner

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