Research DIY Refinishing Furniture

So I decided to begin my learning project by doing some research on how to refinish the wooden furniture I had. I watched many videos but pulled a few out for you to see. The first one goes through the whole process in general. It tells what you need what to do but, does not get into depth about what each stage looks like.

I did like how Christina Lacono took her audience through the whole process and showed a before and after photo to contrast the difference. After watching this I wanted a little bit more information on how to strip and sand.

Todd Languell video give me just that. He walks his audience through each step, including the setup. He also shows the audience what it will look like, giving warnings like do not to push to hard during this stage or add some more paint stripper here if this is what is happening. I found his information very useful.

The next question I asked was does it matter if it is really old wood and how will I take care of the furniture after I am finished. I found this video giving me a brief explanation on how a simple way to clean and protect antique furniture.

Lastly I wanted to know about trouble shooting. What if there is a chunk of wood out of my table? What if there is a crack? How do I work with those things. I found this website which shows Kevin Southwick, a person who specializes in restoring antique furniture, walking through the process of restoring old furniture. I really like how he answered my troubleshooting questions. I’m hoping that these are the only problems I run into.

I am hoping my research will pay off!

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4 Responses to Research DIY Refinishing Furniture

  1. Good luck, looks like a great project and you will have something useful
    At the end too!


  2. That looks like it is going to be worth while. You will have to post lots of pictures of the projects you make. I would love to see how they turn out


  3. Erin Benjamin says:

    I have a couple pieces of furniture that I have been wanting to restore/refurbish so I look forward to following your posts and learning more through your project. What type of item do you think you’ll start with?


    • mskbrodner says:

      Well I have an old wooden end table that I was planning on taking to the dump so I will probably experiment with that before I try the actual coffee table and end table I want to use.


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