Teaching for the Future. What do Students need to know?

In recent days I have thought more and more about what students need to know to be successful in the future. How should students be learning and what is important? I know technology is going to be a large part of our future but none of us can predict how technology is going to change even in 5-10 years from now. I completely agree that connectivism is a new way of learning. Students need to be able to make connections and have experiences to learn. This learning may seem chaotic or not as organized as the traditional methods but, that is the way our world is changing. It is crucial for students to be able to access knowledge using technology and connect with others. Just as Howard Rheingold discusses in his article students need to be Social Media Literate.


Photo By: Jason Howie

With technology we now have a global economy, we need students who will be able to enter this world and be able to access all they need. They need to be able to pay attention, participate, collaborate, be aware of networks and I think very importantly critically consume. Students need to be able to take in all the information, use it, give information back and decide what is relevant and credible. Thus I found the videos and articles I read/watched for my ECI831 class very valid.

I also appreciated the videos showing a new look at learning and a different type of student. These students were connected and used technology to collaborate with instructors and peers. Developing a student that is connected and has learning networks online is an amazing idea. Previous to this course I would have said “Great but, how do I do that”. I am learning just how easy and user friendly many sites and apps are. Now the tough part is implementing that in my classroom? How do I expect PLE (personal learning environments) out of students who are get frustrated typing one paragraph? Then again I am sure there is an app somewhere that they can speak into and it write everything for them. But isn’t typing a necessity in the world to come? Or will that be quickly replaced in our future?


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4 Responses to Teaching for the Future. What do Students need to know?

  1. Many of my students write by voice to text and read by being read to. Google read and write is good. iPads and iPhones have voice to text.


    • mskbrodner says:

      Hey Andrea, do your students use these apps all of the time? Do you take other opportunities to work on students’ reading and writing? This is where I struggle or will these basic skills be unnecessary for students in the future?


      • Yes, many of them are LD and need the adaptation. They are supposed to get the adaptation all the time in many cases according to their iep’s. Although there are certainly times when they don’t.


  2. mskbrodner says:

    That makes sense thanks 🙂


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