I’m in a MOOC! Who would have thought?

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of listening to Dave Cormier and also watching his video. He was explaining what MOOCs are. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course which I feel like ECI831 is. This is a way people can  always continue learning and growing by networking and connectivism. Cormier broke down a MOOC into give steps orient, declare, network, cluster and focus. These seem like a natural process to follow as I grow and experience ECI831. With taking an online course there is so much information online. Trillion of new words are written everyday. It is amazing how much new information is created everyday, all these new ideas and innovations that people are creating everyday.  It is necessary to know where to look and how to organize all the information you access. I liked how Kay Oddone discussed using different tools to help you organize the information. She also discussed how Pinterest and Learnist are great for students to organize information for students because they are very visual. I personally have never used Learnist but, I love Pinterest. It is a great way to organize ideas for lessons and reference them at a glance. This is an important skill that every person learning how to network and use the internet successfully needs to know.

I have been hesitant to allow my students to become connected in the classroom. I have always thought there is way too much information (appropriate and not) that students can access. That information can also look very overwhelming for my students, but it is an outlet that they love to use. After reading “Blogging in the Classroom: Why your students should write online” it has inspired me to allow my students to try writing online. I realize that they will not be perfect but, I think it could show my students the progress in their learning. My students don’t often see success and have low self esteem because of it. I think allowing them to write for a purpose on a creative outlet may help build that self esteem. This can give my students a voice who don’t have the confidence. Blogging seems like a good thing to try more and more.




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4 Responses to I’m in a MOOC! Who would have thought?

  1. loganpetlak says:

    I also had no idea I was in a MOOC. I always find it interesting how there may be some things that we do as teachers that don’t have labels on it all them time… then someone actually has a title and has been doing research to back it up which is awesome!
    I always say to my students “use your phones for the ‘power of good'”… and most of the time they are pretty diligent… I find my biggest struggle is finding the balance between of wait time with it as some students may find information easily while others may struggle.
    Be sure to write how it goes connecting your classroom!

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    • mskbrodner says:

      So I have been thinking more about this MOOC deal. Is our course really that Massive? and Open? Are we in a closed small online course that teaches us about MOOCS? What do you think?


  2. Erin Benjamin says:

    I saw an interesting visual this week on Twitter that said poor choices/actions online should not mean that we ban devices and the use of tech in school. Rather, it means that we need to dive into teaching about digital citizenship.


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