Skyping into a class

This past weekend I participated in Canada West Wrestling Championships. I had so much fun and I love being able to be part of the University or Regina Wrestling Team. We were able to take home 9 medals! With the opportunity to participate in an event like this I had to miss a university class. I thought what an opportunity to use some technology to keep me connected. So I asked if I could Skype into my class Wednesday evening.

My professor had called technical services and got a camera and microphone set up in the class. I found out later I probably could have just had a friend on a computer Skype me in and it would have worked about the same. This experience was really exciting for me because I have only ever used Skype to call from across seas never to take part in a class. Fifteen minutes before the class began I was connected though Skype to the class. Unfortunately they could no hear me, even though my microphone was on. So I was a silent student for the class. The first hour was awesome. We had some class presentations and the camera man (who was awesome) followed the speaker around and showed me the slides as well. I could see everything I needed to see. After about an hour the camera man had to leave. I was stuck staring at half the wall and half the presentation. If I was lucky the presenter would stand in the frame and I could see them. At this point I was thankful I could still hear what was going on. This was not too bad I manage to take some notes and was impressed with the presentation. During the last half hour or so the professor began talking about critical pedagogy theory, which is new to me. Of course during this time is when I was disconnected multiple times. I has some awesome friends Amy and Chalyn that kept me connected and updated.

Overall it was a learning experience. I know I would have taken much more out of the class if I would have been present. I think next week when I am on my way to the CIS championships. I will try Zooming into my course and compare which one works better.

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6 Responses to Skyping into a class

  1. It’s cool that you were able to do this; something that would not have been possible 10 or 15 years ago as easily. Sounds a little frustrating to watch the wall though!


  2. This would have been awesome even 8-10 years ago when I was playing hockey for the Cougars at the University. I often had to miss Thursday evening classes when we had road trips. I tried to avoid scheduling Thursday night classes, but sometimes it didn’t work for the classes I needed to take. How fun for you to be able to attend class while participating in Nationals. Good luck!


  3. Kristina Boutilier says:

    Wow, what an experience. Good for you for thinking about connecting this way. Even though it wasn’t perfect, I’m sure you got more out of the class being able to listen to what was being said than just getting notes. Good luck with your Zoom experience!


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