Animoto creation

So this week I was able to have a great experience at the CIS wrestling championships. It was in St. Catherine, Ontario. Because of this I had to miss some work and school. Which I really dislike missing but, the opportunity was to great to turn down. Because I have been away from home for the majority of the week I thought I would try to make a video with some of the pictures I took previously. Many of my lovely classmates suggested using Animoto for creating videos. I really enjoyed using this website because it was very user friendly. It allowed me to choose my own music and add my photos. It is crazy how time flies when someone is just playing around. Take a look at my creation.

I look forward to experimenting a bit more with videos.



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4 Responses to Animoto creation

  1. I like your Aminoto video. I haven’t ever tried that site, may have to!


  2. mskbrodner says:

    You should give it a try. It is super user friendly 🙂


  3. thiessendallas says:

    Your video is great! I am thinking about making a video like this. I might call on you for your expertise.

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