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What to Post Online?

My friend Chalyn brought up that it was almost my one year anniversary for buying my car. Last year I had purchased a car and had a stressful time dealing with it. There were multiple things that were needed to … Continue reading

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Online Harassment…What are the laws?

This week I was able to watch a few videos and read a couple articles. The theme that stuck out to me was the violence and harassment against women online. ¬†After reading Online harassment of women at risk of becoming … Continue reading

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Finishing up the practice

With all my travel and work recently I feel as though I have been neglecting the project I started months ago. So last night after writing paper and preparing for my class I was able to finally do some sanding … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality

If someone would have asked me last week what net neutrality was, I would have had no idea. After doing some reading about Why Net Neutrality Matters in Education and the Backlash against Facebook for their free internet. The idea … Continue reading

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Posting Your Kids Online

So I want to start with I do not have kids, so I cannot fully understand what it is like to be a parent. I did want to ask some questions to those parents out there about sharing their kids … Continue reading

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Have you googled yourself?

More and more people are becoming aware of their online reputation. Mary Madden and Arron Smith tell their readers that 57% of people use search engines to find information on themselves in their article Reputation Management and Social Media. Are … Continue reading

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How am I doing?

Sometimes I forget to step back and look at how I am. My life is so hectic that I don’t even take the time to appreciate everything I have and am doing. So I wanted to do a little reflection … Continue reading

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