Stain Stripping

I thought after exploring YouTube, connecting with the community and picking up the materials, it was about time I give my first step a try. I choose to work on my coffee table. I decide that if I messed it, I could part with this piece and I would be able to get over it fairly quickly. My other piece is an antique and I would have been more upset about it if I messed it up. So I cleared out a space in my spare room and set down some plastic.  I wanted to take pictures along the way to show my progress.

20160303_203004 After reading the label of the stain remover I realized it said I should do this in a ventilated room. So I opened the window and hoped that would be okay. I also decided I should wear gloves just in case. Once everything was set up I had the idea of video taping what I was doing. That way if I did mess up, I could review what I did and find the mistakes. So here is my first post of a video online ever. (let me know in the comments if you know of any editing sites where I can cut parts of the videos out or combine two together….Also found out I need to title the video before publishing it on Youtube. )

After I left the coffee table sit for 20 minutes. I took a look and I wasn’t sure if the stain had actually been stripped off or not. This could have been due to the lighting. I tried scrapping it off anyways. (Here is attempt two at posting a video, it has a name this time)

So after I scrapped off all of the stripper and took a step back I realized that it had worked. The top looked much lighter than the legs. I decided I needed to keep going then. I took off the coffee tables top because it opens up. I then began applying the paint stripper to the bottom half of the table. After 20 minutes I scrapped off the stripper from the bottom. I could not tell a difference once I was finished. I hope this was because I no longer had that beginning reference point.



Now I have to make a decision. Do I strip the stain off my other piece or do I follow the whole process through on this coffee table?

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3 Responses to Stain Stripping

  1. thiessendallas says:

    I like the idea of posting videos, it is great to watch your progress. If it was up to me, I would probably finish the top piece from start to finish just in case you find something that works/doesn’t work. Great work!


  2. mskbrodner says:

    Thanks, I think I will take your advice and try completing this piece


  3. Louise says:

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