Copyright and Creative Commons

Before I did this weeks readings for ECI831, I knew of such a thing as copyright laws, but I never fully understood the way they were. After hearing about copyright laws and seeing how  Girl Talks’ experiences with fighting them, I really began thinking. My first thought was really….is this actually a super big deal if they want to share ideas and mash up. It seems so creative to me. My thought was as long as they give credit to the past, is it a big deal? Then the fact was brought up about money and intellectual property. How people want others to pay for the use of their “original” idea. Are the precious songs or material actually original or were they inspired by something else in the past? I can see both sides of the argument. Many people work very hard to produce their own materials and do not see any profit from their work. While the other side of Aaron Schult’s argument is we should share and connect to help grow our world.

So what does this mean for me as a teacher? Have I broken some copyright rules without even knowing? Then I wanted to do a bit of research to see. I came across this website on the Councils of Ministers of Education Canada. It has a couple brief slides discussing copyright and teachers. It gives a nice overview on what teachers can do.

After reading about Creative Commons, I thought how cool. I love how a person can customize their copyright licence and share their materials the way they want. I had no idea that creative commons did anything like that. I think introducing these things to students is a great plan to explain to them about plagiarism and giving credit where it is due.

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4 Responses to Copyright and Creative Commons

  1. Sarah Wandy says:

    Interesting point about what we know about copyright laws in our jobs. I know that I have a lot to learn, especially in terms of using and performing music in choir.

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  2. Yeah we are in a bit of a tough spot. For example it would be easier to engage students in a video project if they were allowed to use their favourite popular song, but then we would be breaking copyright if we posted it etc.

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  3. It seems very easy to break copyright laws even not on pupose.. Thanks for sharing that. I also need to learn more and be sensitive to copyright things.


    • brodnerk says:

      I feel that I struggle to keep up with all of the laws. I make a effort to always give credit to the creator of the song, video, text, etc. that I use but, I still feel I need to be more informed.


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