Finishing up the practice

With all my travel and work recently I feel as though I have been neglecting the project I started months ago. So last night after writing paper and preparing for my class I was able to finally do some sanding and staining. Before I did I had to review a the process of what needed to be done. What was the best way to sand the coffee table? How much stain? What do I need? I recently subscribed to the YouTube channel of Jon Peters. He does a lot of DIY projects that are explained well but quickly. After watching his video on “How to strip & refinish wood furniture with Zip Strip by Jon Peters”  I decided to sand and stain my coffee table.

I began sanding and things seemed to be going well. I started with the top of the coffee table. After the top was sanded I realized my sand paper was full of the stain remover. I could not use this sand paper to sand around the legs of the table. I would have to go get more. At this point in time it was 10pm at night so going to get more sandpaper was not an option. I did want to see how the stain looked on the wood though. So I thought I would try it on the top. After giving it a quick wipe I applied the stain with the grain. I wanted to show the contrast so I took a picture once I had applied one coat to half of the top.


As you can see it is making a difference. I finished up the top piece with 3 coats in total. I feel as though it is coming along. I do wish it is was a bit darker of a stain, but that is something for my next project.

3 coats

What do you think?


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3 Responses to Finishing up the practice

  1. Sarah Wandy says:

    Great work Kayla! It looks awesome.


  2. chalynsmith says:

    Looking good. You could have fun this summer at garage sales buying up little projects! Will you be varnishing it to finish it off?


  3. mskbrodner says:

    I do plan on varnishing it to finish up. And garage sales are going to to be my hobby this summer. Maybe buy and sell.


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