Net Neutrality

If someone would have asked me last week what net neutrality was, I would have had no idea. After doing some reading about Why Net Neutrality Matters in Education and the Backlash against Facebook for their free internet. The idea of a tiered internet seemed interesting. This would mean that only companies that have paid more would be able to offer their customers faster usage. This allowing only for the larger companies to monopolize the industries and not allow for any competition to arise. The big companies would get to decide exactly how much we pay for internet. A video that was very good at explaining this was  John Oliver’s video. He has many witty remarks  and some language but he argues against having a tiered internet. After watching this video I began to understand why this is such a big issue.

So what would the world be like if we only people that paid more could enter into the “fast lane” of the internet? Would this be comparable to how our mobile phone system works right now? There are only a few large companies that people can choose from because no other company could afford the start up costs to compete with such. Although there is some competition between bigger companies. Often times we see the large companies buying out or taking over their competition. Would this happen with the internet as well? The biggest company with the most money gets to make all the decisions and as consumers we are forced to comply if we want to be able to access the data we have all become accustomed to? Personally I think this would be terrible. I want to encourage whoever reads this to take a look at net neutrality and to send in your opinions .

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