What to Post Online?

My friend Chalyn brought up that it was almost my one year anniversary for buying my car. Last year I had purchased a car and had a stressful time dealing with it. There were multiple things that were needed to be done on the car and it was not done the way it was promised.  After 7 weeks car dealerahips’ team leaders were rude and giving me no choices besides the “deal with it” option. I decided to write a review on facebook.

In this review I was very objective besides the when I stated “This was the worst car buying experience I ever had” and “Do not purchase a car from _____” Everything else written was strictly facts. Within 48 hours this post being public it was shared over 100 times. The morning after I posted this I received a call from the Vice President of Sales of this company. He wanted to make things right.

During the process in dealing with the VP I left he post up. Within that 48 hours I received multiple phone calls from family members, employers and sports associations I belonged to. Some of these people were telling me how upset they were about how I was treated while others questioned why I shared. I would go as far as pressured me to remove the post by saying things about how much money it could cost me or associations I belong too. I found this very troubling. I have always felt supported and was proud of the associations I belonged to and to receive calls asking me to recant my statements, was very upsetting.

This had led me to be selective of what I place online. I have always been one to state my opinion and be truthful about what is right and wrong in my eyes. This experience made me aware of the power social media has. My post reached many people and upset some. Words can be very powerful, especially ones that are placed on a platform that is easily accessible by all. These words can spark change and emotion in people and shake institutions. Therefore I am much more cognizant of what I put out to the internet because I would hate for it to affect my employment or my family.

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3 Responses to What to Post Online?

  1. chalynsmith says:

    I defiantly remember the stressful ordeal. However, I still feel that it was out of line for some to bully you into removing your post!! The power of social media, at least it wasn’t a cat fishing scam haha!!

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  2. thiessendallas says:

    I had no idea this happened, it sounds like a very frustrating time and you took to social media as a last resort to initiate change. This is the power of social media and how a simple post can gain momentum. Sorry to hear about the after effect of your post.

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