has got to start somewhere

In our world today we are faced with many social justice issues, whether this be #blacklivesmatter or #mmiw, there are many things in this world that need to be discussed and changed. I personally believe that the first step in change in awareness and education. If people do not know there is something wrong how can they do anything to change it. I think this is where Slacktavism comes into play. Slacktavists (people who like, share or sign petitions online with little personal effort) are great at spreading the word. Spreading awareness of the issues around the world is only the first step to change.  So I do see where Scott Gilmore in The problem with #slacktivism is coming from when he argue they need more people to do more than hit a like button or share a story. Step two to making a change is doing something about it. Whether it be going to a rally or donating funds there needs to be some action taken. (This would move a person from a slacktavist to an activist). This is ideal but unfortunately people do not all have the time or resources to be activist on every social cause they like or share.

In saying this how do we choose what social cause to rally for? How does one go from a slacktavist to and activist? After I had these questions I immediately went to youtube to find my answer. I found this video that did not give me an answer just another question but, it was valid so I wanted to share it with you

“It’s not ‘this is online, this is offline’ it’s what do I need to solve the problem?” Ramaya Raghavan

This really stuck with me. I think this is the question we should be focusing on. Not whether slackavism is good or not. What do we need to solve to problem? and how are we going to get those things.  MsHDales mentions in her blog gives great insight into Slacktivsim vs. Activsim. Check it out.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to has got to start somewhere

  1. I agree with you completely, Kayla. I think we can be slacktivists until we can be activists.

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  3. Lilly says:

    A prvtcoavioe insight! Just what we need!


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