An Extra Nawmal Experience

Throughout ECI 831 class we had the opportunity to discuss many topics related to social media and open education. Each week I was able to video conference with colleagues on the topics covered that week. I really loved this part of class. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s different opinions and stories on the subject matter. I felt this helped me come to a deeper understanding of each topic.

For my summary of learning Chalyn, Dallas and I decided to play around with a NAWMAL video. I downloaded the trial version and began playing around with scenes and characters. As a team we decided each of us would write about something that resinated with us. I choose to write about social media in general. I have completely changed my social media habits since taking this class. I have really become more of a professional online. (You can see more in the video below)

After each of us wrote about our chosen topic Chalyn took the time to put it into a talk show video with four characters to allow for a host. She did an awesome job adding motions and voices to each character. After she had added all the script I asked if I could see the video. We waited 5 minutes for it to load and it still had not. So Chalyn decided why don’t we just export the video so we don’t have to download it every time. We could then watch it, go back and make the changes necessary in the program.  Unfortunately, it told us we had to upgrade. We tried going back to the video in the program but the only screen that came up was this one.


So I pulled out my credit card and paid the $9.99 to have a one month trial. I thought I did not want to loose this video Chalyn just spend hours doing. Unfortunately even after we upgraded the same screen continued to pop up. I thought lets try emailing support. They were so helpful and explained that I had downloaded the nawmalMAKE  and then subscribed to the nawmalEDU. Which are two different things!! Anyway the support was so helpful, especially for a friday afternoon at 4. They were able to convert our video so we could access it by Saturday!! I was so relieved. Unfortunately, we were unable to go back and do any edits to the video. So here we have the final unedited version.

So not only has this project allowed Chalyn, Dallas and I to reflect on what we have learned throughout the course, we now have the confidence to try new things online and know that everything will work out okay. This goes to show that learning is never complete, it is ongoing. But now I have the confidence to experiment online in a safe way.

I want to thank all my colleagues and my instructors Alec and Katia for this incredible experience!!

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  1. I like the voice of robot, it is cute. Good idea.

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