EdTech Round 2

I just began my second graduate ed tech class with Alec Couros and Katia Hildebrant. This class seems to be set up a bit differently. Last class I was able to build a PLN (Personal Learning Network) and explore many online issue facing our society. In this class it seems we will enter a debaters paradise and be arguing about ed tech in the classroom. Since the last class my teaching style has changed. My students are on technology much more often. Whether that is typing their written assignments on google doc and sharing them, learning how to send and receive and email, participating in a Kahoot or beginning to research different questions they have. But am I using technology in the best way? Am I really enhancing my students learning?  Lucky me I volunteered to be part of the first debate. So I figured I would pose a question to you. Do you feel the way technology is being used in classrooms right now is enhancing student learning? I get to argue no.


billy3001 via Compfight cc

But we will save that for Tuesday. I have never taken part in a formal debate, but I’m sure it will go over just as well as the ones I see on TV.

As for the rest of the class I am very excited. I cannot wait discuss technology in the classroom. After all many people say that technology is the future. According to this future timeline it is very much true. But are we preparing students in the best way for this tech future? I cannot wait to argue and debate over many edtech issues.

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