Ruining Childhood, is it Possible?

What is Childhood?

According to google childhood is “the state of being a child.” well what does that mean? During our debate this last week on “Technology is ruining childhood” the disagree side described childhood as dynamic and ever changing. I want to add to that definition by stating that it is different for everyone depending on your sex, race, gender (choice), ability and society you live in. On that note I asked.


Isn’t Childhood Already Ruined for some?

With all the inequalities in our society, every childhood experience is different. Some are oppressed and deal with poverty, abuse, etc. Things difficult things many other people have never and will never face.

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These were my first thoughts when looking the this debate. Next I question.

Is Technology Making it Any Better?

Technology cannot change the inequalities that exist in our society but, it can help build the up the students who have the opportunity to have access to technology. Dr. Steve Sider (Wilfrid Laurier University) & Dr. Kimberly Maich (Brock University) discuss how “A variety of programs and devices are available that support reading and writing fluency through the development of related skills – including organization, fine motor coordination, mobility and keyboarding – and, thus, independence.” Independence is a huge skill for many people. When people have independence they feel more self worth. This is a huge benefit to their lives.

Technology can make a huge difference in peoples lives, but only the ones privilege to access it. After questioning myself over this topic I have decided to be thankful for everything and everyone great in my life. I am very privileged.

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2 Responses to Ruining Childhood, is it Possible?

  1. ashleypmurray says:

    Being privileged plays a huge role in this debate. Those who are privileged and have access to the technology will obviously benefit more. But what about those who aren’t privileged? We need to address so many other issues that create inequalities before we think that technology will fix the problems. I do think it has great potential to create equity, but I don’t think it’s the only answer. Thanks for sharing!

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