Can Tech help?

My last post on children and the inequalities they face, leads nicely into the topic of can technology help. I do not think it is possible for technology to overcome the huge oppression of many students, but I think it could help build those up and give opportunities to have a voice.

EdTech has many incredible possibilities when put in the right hands. JUSTIN REICH discusses in Open Educational Resources Expand Educational Inequalities that it is possible that low income students could grow academically using technology. Or Ed tech could provide growth the the other way and the privileged could grow and create and even larger gap than we see presently. Our society could go either way.

Even thought this potential to widen this already large gap is there. If we just look at all the positives we can see why Justin Reich is optimistic. Assistive Technology has helped all children no matter the sex, gender, ability or race.

RSLSteeper is just one company that could provide A.T. to help ones independence. Independence is crucial for many people. It allows one to have confidence and move forward for themselves or the group.  This is something everyone strives for. People feel more self worth with independence and ed tech can provide some of that. How could this look in classrooms? It can help those with disabilities become able and independent in their work like Mason in school.


When I look at ed tech I see a magnitude of opportunity, not just for students that are visually impaired  like Mason, but for all students. I think technology can help build equity in our society, even though it will never overcome it. I am excited to continue learning about all the amazing opportunities technology can provide my students and I because we all know how fast it is changing.

With this fast past world can we even imagine what this could look like in 10,20 or 30 years? If you have any ideas let me know.




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