About Me!


My name is Kayla Brodner. Currently I have the job of my dreams being a teacher of a behaviour program. When I first began this profession I was not sure if I actually was passionate about it enough to make it as a “good teacher” (however you would like to define that).I really didn’t like the idea of placing limits on myself or others. This was one of my hesitations in becoming a teacher. I did not want to be the teacher that imposed my ideologies on others. I want to open the minds and teach others how to think not what to think. I then found my motivation when I was able to work with students who truly needed my help. I finally started to realize what all the teachers I knew were talking about when they said how rewarding the job was and how they wouldn’t change it for the world. My current class has inspired me to continue with my education to become better and better at opening there minds.

I currently taking my masters in curriculum and instruction through the University of Regina. I have not always enjoyed school but at a young age understood to importance of it. I never liked the fact that I had to prove what I knew to others in the form of essays, projects, etc. I wished I could talk about what I had learned and be done with it. This may be why I have continued on with my education the way I have. I find the longer you go to school the better discussions are had in the classroom.

My family has six members to it; my parents, two brothers (one older, one younger) and one younger sister. I no longer live with my parents but, do visit daily. I live alone with my dog, Lilah and find it very relaxing and peaceful to have my own space. My older brother Landon is also a teacher, although he has concentrated his studies in physical education. This has helped me in many ways become a better teacher and a better person. He is always willing to help out with any health or workout questions. My younger sister also wanted to help people but, in a different way. She has decided to become a psychiatric nurse. She is currently finishing up her schooling for this profession. My younger brother took a different route then the rest of us and become an electrical engineer technologist. He works very hard at what he does and loves his chosen career.

More about me… well I love anything active. I enjoy playing any type of game, inside or outside, especially if it is competitive :). My current sport of choice is wrestling. My dream is to be able to train and travel the world. This sport has given me so many opportunities I can not express my gratitude. It has taken me all across the country, multiple time, not to mention, it has taught me to be persistent, patient, thankful and strong willed. This sport has shaped my recent life and has made me proud of who I am.

Wow four paragraphs and you already know my basic life; work, train, study, and sleep. I really do need more of the last one (don’t we all).

If you have any comments/questions or want to chat you can reach me at kbrodner@gmail.com


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