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Social vs. Anti Social Media

This week was bitter sweet. I particularly enjoy logging on every week for the #greatedtechdebate. It always makes me think. This week the debate was We have become too dependent on technology and what we really need is to unplug. … Continue reading

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So little time, So much learned

This semester has been quite enjoyable for me. I am a very competitive person so being able to engage in multiple debates really motivated me to internalize the topics. There were many points throughout this semester where what I thought about … Continue reading

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Corporations Power in Education?

This past weeks debate was about corporations being involved in education. As teachers we all know it takes money to teach students. The pressure to have resources to teach is incredible. Teachers often invest their own money on: learning resources, self … Continue reading

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Can Tech help?

My last post on children and the inequalities they face, leads nicely into the topic of can technology help. I do not think it is possible for technology to overcome the huge oppression of many students, but I think it could … Continue reading

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Ruining Childhood, is it Possible?

What is Childhood? According to google childhood is “the state of being a child.” well what does that mean? During our debate this last week on “Technology is ruining childhood” the disagree side described childhood as dynamic and ever changing. … Continue reading

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Sharing is Caring…is it online?

The topic of sharing online is a controversy that many people struggle with. How much to I put online? Is it fair to share kids pictures and work? People’s digital footprints are shaped by the different ways people answer these … Continue reading

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Technology and Obesity Truly linked?

Many people have asked the question “Is technology making us unhealthy?” According to Elle Paula Author of Obesity in Children and Technology “About one-third of American children and teenagers are overweight or obese, making childhood obesity the leading health concern for … Continue reading

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