Learning Project will continue

So for the last week and a half I have finished staining my first trial piece and varnished it. It is officially done!! YAY!!


Except I have now started my new project. I was hoping this would go nice and smooth the same as the last one. Unfortunately it has not. I have applied paint stripper multiple times and it still looks like there is some stain remaining. I’m not sure if this is because it is older stain/wood or if it is because it is darker.


So I went searching online. I found this website about removing stain from wood and it is using a scratch pad instead of a scraper like I am using. Maybe this will work better. I plan on purchasing this and giving it a try.

My hope was to be done my learning project by this week. Unfortunately that is not the case. This project will continue until it is completed. I am hopeful that will be before April is over.

Looking back on this project it has been interesting. I have had  many feelings along the journey.

Excited- Refinishing furniture is something I have always wanted to do, but never taken the time to sit down and learn how.

Encouraged- With people online and in person bring up my project I felt like I was actually doing something interesting. It gave my project more value.

Frustration- like recently when the paint stripper does not come off, or when I had difficulties finding the time to work on the project

Accomplishment when I finally finished my first trial piece 🙂

Connected- Being able to use the youtube, twitter, and others blogs to help me learn and connect with people made this project much more meaningful and I would go as far as possible. Without the use of these resources I would not have know where to start. I am very grateful for the help and appreciate all the people I have learned from along the way.

I will post my final pieces when they are finished 🙂

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